cyrus-murder problems with database corruption in the frontend/master

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh hmh at
Thu Mar 31 17:55:42 EST 2005

On Thu, 31 Mar 2005, João Assad wrote:
> >>My db just got corrupted again 2 hours ago. seems like moving 200k 
> >>mailboxes between backends really speed it up.


> cyrus/mupdate[12614]: IOERROR: mapping /var/lib/imap/mailboxes.db file: 
> Cannot allocate memory
> cyrus/mupdate[12614]: failed to mmap /var/lib/imap/mailboxes.db file
> cyrus/master[12580]: service mupdate pid 12614 in READY state: 
> terminated abnormally

Check ulimits.  If fixing the ulimit stuff stops the problems, we know that
the issue is caused by something that mmaps or mallocs and does not check
the result properly.

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