Posting directly to subfolder / "+"-Notation [postfix]

Cristian Mitrana cristian.mitrana at
Wed Mar 30 02:36:45 EST 2005

tschloss at wrote:
> Hello,
> does anybody know how to prepare my mailserver - I assume it is a problem of the MTA, 
 >Postfix in this case -  to make sending mail directly to a folder 
> The syntax seems to be <username>+<foldername>, e.g.
 > john+private at posts a message directly into john´s folder 
named private (assuming the sender has "p"
 > rights there).
> I assume the message has to go over the MTA and there ist blocked 
 > with an error about the unknown user "john+private".
> If there is not a general way to let Postfix handle these adresses 
 > correctly there may be a hard way, ie.g. to list all possible
 > "virtual" addresses in a list like an alias list. (I  intend to use 
this feature only for a couple of
 >  public bulletinboard like folders, not for every users´s  folders).

This is a known setting : postfix uses $recipient_delimiter to match
those sort of recipient+extension at domain.tld mail addresses.
See what your setting is via 'postconf recipient_delimiter' and
set it accordingly in you file.
  It could be '-' in this case you can post to 
username-extension at

Btw, please wrap your lines length to a sensible value (72 would be nice).

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