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Wed Mar 30 04:15:25 EST 2005

Christoph Moench-Tegeder <cmt at> schrieb am 30.03.05 09:52:46:
> ## tschloss at (tschloss at
> > does anybody know how to prepare my mailserver - I assume it is a problem
> > of the MTA, Postfix in this case -  to make sending mail directly to a
> > folder possible.
> > The syntax seems to be <username>+<foldername>, e.g.
> > john+private at posts a message directly into john?s folder named
> > private (assuming the sender has "p" rights there).
> > I assume the message has to go over the MTA and there ist blocked with
> > an error about the unknown user "john+private".
> If it is blocked by postfix (have a look at the error message and your
> logs), it is indeed a postfix issue (so why are you asking the cyrus
> people?). Put "recipient_delimiter = +" in postfix' and watch
> the results.
> Regards,
> Christoph
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> Spare Space

Thanks for the fast two answers both pointing me to setting the postfix
parameter "recipient_delimiter=+".
Id did so and now postfix does NOT stop the message with an error.
But the message was not delivered to the adressed folder but to the 
to level INBOX of the user.
According to the postfix log it was not rewritten just passed via lmtp to Cyrus.

Do I have to configure Cyrus too to know who to interpret "+"?
Any ideas?

Thanks & cheers
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