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Wed Mar 30 04:19:03 EST 2005

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> > But the message was not delivered to the adressed folder but to the
> > to level INBOX of the user.
> Sounds like an ACL issue. Make sure "anonymous" has "p" 
> rights on all folders (at least those for incoming messages). 
> Just executing "sam user.newuser anonymous p" on new users' 
> mailbox and having new folders inherit this ACL should be enough.
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> Christoph
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Great, now it works! Thanks a lot.
BUT for my understanding:
- the "p" right was not set automatically to folders under
  So i had to set it manually the folder(s) directly. Is this always the
- Whose "p" right is needed? "Anonymous" worked. But I thought that the
  of the sender of the message is somehow relevant. So I can NOT give
  sender the right to post to public folders?

Thanks again

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