AW: Posting directly to subfolder / "+"-Notation [postfix]

Nikola Milutinovic Nikola.Milutinovic at
Wed Mar 30 05:05:26 EST 2005

Thomas Schlosser wrote:

>Great, now it works! Thanks a lot.
>BUT for my understanding:
>- the "p" right was not set automatically to folders under
>  So i had to set it manually the folder(s) directly. Is this always the
>- Whose "p" right is needed? "Anonymous" worked. But I thought that the
>  of the sender of the message is somehow relevant. So I can NOT give
>  sender the right to post to public folders?

It is assumed that only some subfolders of users mailbox should be able 
to receive mail messages from the outside. Others are for that user's 
internal use. How would you like to have your "docs" subfolder, for 
instance, flooded with some mail, while you use that folder for oyur own 
mail sorting?

Of course, if the server can sort it out, it is a different matter.

One other question that I have, is, is there any way to give "p" 
permission to user "cyrus" and use it?

I mean, I'm not thrilled with having "anyone" or "anonimous" 
authentications authorized to post to such folders or to public shared 
folders. True, it would take some effort to abuse it (if it is even 
possible), but I'd still like it out of the picture. I would like the 
message submission via LMTP to be authenticated (automatically?) as user 
"cyrus", while those who connect to the IMAP server cannot post to 
public folders.

Any idea?

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