Sieve Filtering on "attachment content-type"?

Marc G. Fournier scrappy at
Thu Mar 31 20:25:29 EST 2005

After alot of playing around, and finally finding a suitable headering 
that exists in *most* of the messsages that I'm trying to filter on, I've 
come up with the following filter ot clean out the "other language" emails 
that I just can't read:

if allof ( header :contains [ "Content-Type" ]
            ] ) {
   fileinto "inbox.garbage";

The ones taht sem tobe getting through now are the ones that are of one of 
the above charset's, but instead of in the 'message headers', its defined 
in teh 'mime headers' for the attachment itself, so the above filter, of 
course, fails ...

Is there a way of filtering on the mime headers themselves?  So I trap for 
when the attachment is of charset above?

Thanks ...

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