integrating sendmail and cyrus realtime - supported with sendmail without Andrzej's patched cyrus m4 files?

Andrzej Adam Filip anfi at
Mon Jun 20 18:26:16 EDT 2005

Carl Brewer wrote:
> I'm just wondering if anyone on this list knows if there's any
> "official" support for cyrus realtime integration into sendmail?
> I've been using Andrzej's patched cyrusv2.m4 files for some time
> and they work well, are they going to get rolled into
> sendmail proper at some point?  Has that already happened
> and I just haven't noticed?!

There a few things (3) I would like to do at Cyrus-IMAP side before 
"final freeze" of the integration recipes:

A) "explanation strings" provided with TEMP/PERM replies are not 
available in Cyrus-IMAP uses such replies to signalize 
"over quota" situation. It is sendmail fault/deficiency but it may be 
easier (faster) to fix in cyrus-imap (smmapd.c).

So far smampd ignores map name provided in the queries. It may generate 
different format of replies based on "map name"

map="cyrus"   key="xxx" => already existing format
map="cyrusv3" key="xxx" =>
    NOMATCH  : mailbox does not exist
    OK:xxx : mailbox exists and it is ready to accept message
    ERROR:D.S.N:4???/5?? text - mailbox exist but unavailable
                                (e.g. over quota)

B) it would simplify sendmail configuration if cyrus-imap could provide 
list of all configured virtual domains and default domain

map="system" key="domain"   => default domain
map="system" key="vdomains" => list of space separated virtual domains

C) It would be nice to allow cyrus define "receive only" mailboxes or 
instruct MTA (sendmail) that over quota user is not allowed to *SEND* 
messages [some people want postmaster@ and abuse@ as "receive only"].
It would require implementing different "map name" for checking envelope 
sender addresses.

d) (non critical idea) smmapd may be used to instruct MTA to deliver 
messages directly to appropriate murder component (LMTP over TCP/IP).

P.S. Only "A" is necessary before making it official but I am sufferer 
of "over optimalization" syndrome :-)

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