Using Cyrus-imapd with Sieve (reject works, vacation does not)

Philip Edelbrock phil at
Fri Jun 3 17:33:10 EDT 2005

Philip Edelbrock wrote:
> I'm about to deploy a new mail server using Cyrus-imapd and Sieve 
> (RHE-ES 4).  My last step is to make sure I can have automated vacation 
> messages.  But, I can't get a test script to work.  Rejects work fine, 
> but vacation does not.
> This machine has no user accounts matching the email accounts (an 
> advantage to using Cyrus-imapd, I think).  Does Sieve's vacation 
> functionality require user home directories to store a DB? (just a guess).
> Here's my test script:
> require "reject";
> require "fileinto";
> require "vacation";
> require "envelope";
> if header :contains "Subject" "test" {
>  vacation :days 7 "vactest!";
> }
> Replacing the vacation line with a reject line works.
> Thanks!
> Phil

Ack! I work on this for days, and finally make some headway just /after/ 
emailing the list.  *sigh*

Anyways, populating the ":addresses" parameter makes it work.  I was 
hoping to have a generic script that I could use for any user, but at 
least I've got something working now.

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