autocreate question

Paul Dorneanu spooky at
Sun Jun 5 10:59:52 EDT 2005

I've setup the autocreate patch for 2.2.12 and using virtdomains

It doesnt work properly on post... it creates the inbox
/var/spool/imap/t/user/test/ for a nondefault domain.

but, on login it creates the proper inbox...

How can I make that it createsonpost work properly?

Another question is...
when I login from squirrellmail I get this error:
*ERROR:* * ERROR : Could not complete request.*
Query: CREATE "Sent"
Reason Given: Permission denied

I understand that it wants to create the Sent folder and it doesn't have
enough permissions. One work-around is to auto-create the sent folder on
mailbox creation. What permisions are we talking about for letting it to
create the folders in a user's box?
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