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Christos Soulios soulbros at
Mon Jun 6 08:17:40 EDT 2005

Paul Dorneanu wrote:
> Hi.
> I've setup the autocreate patch for 2.2.12 and using virtdomains
> It doesnt work properly on post... it creates the inbox
> /var/spool/imap/t/user/test/ for a nondefault domain.
> but, on login it creates the proper inbox...
> ./var/spool/imap/domain/n/nondefaultdomain.tld/t/user/test/
> How can I make that it createsonpost work properly?

I just doublechecked it in my testing environment and the patch seems to
work as expected. The mailbox is created under
/var/spool/imap/domain/n/nondefaultdomain.tld/user/test in both cases.

Is there any more information (logs, imapd.conf) you can provide in order
that I can look further?

> Another question is...
> when I login from squirrellmail I get this error:
> *ERROR:* * ERROR : Could not complete request.*
> Query: CREATE "Sent"
> Reason Given: Permission denied
> I understand that it wants to create the Sent folder and it doesn't have
> enough permissions. One work-around is to auto-create the sent folder on
> mailbox creation. What permisions are we talking about for letting it to
> create the folders in a user's box?

The user always has the c permission on her own Inbox. In that case the
INBOX.Sent folder may be created. What I suspect is that the INBOX folder
has not yet been created and thus INBOX.Sent cannot be created. For more
information on Squirrelmail INBOX creation functionality, perhaps you
should refer to the squirrelmail mailing lists.

On the server side the autocreate inbox patch is surely the way to do this.


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