Using IMAPd to send emails?

Andrzej Adam Filip anfi at
Thu Jun 9 18:04:45 EDT 2005

Gregg Berkholtz wrote:
> This topic doesn't seem to be covered in the docs, FAQ, Wiki, mailing
> list searches, or Google - so please forgive me if it's a FAQ...
> Many environments are seeing a steady increase in attachment sizes,
> and hence are encountering growing issues associated with uploading
> multi-megabyte emails twice (once as an SMTP message, and another as an
> IMAP upload to the user's sent folder). 
> Some of my environments have users growing impatient with the time it
> takes to upload sent emails, when "...opening emails/attachments take
> half as long as sending them...".  We're seeking ways to minimize sent
> message upload times for users not only on dialup, and low-upload-speed
> broadband, but also for users on high upload/download speed links.
> One possibility being considered is eliminating the need for SMTP
> uploads from the client. Though without the client sending SMTP
> messages, we need a way for the client to "ask" the IMAP daemon to
> copy/pass the already uploaded message into a nearby SMTP engine for
> further transmission.  Does this functionality exist within Cyrus?
> Of-course something like this would require client-side support as well,
> though there's no point in seeking client-side support if the server
> and/or protocols can/will not support such functionality.

Sending "via IMAP" would require cooperation of client MUA.
It may be easier to arrange making MTA deliver copies of sent messages 
to "Sent" folder.

Which MTA do you use?

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