backup without stopping the imap server?

Robin Rainton robin at
Thu Jun 9 19:23:34 EDT 2005


 From what I recall (which might be fuzzy - someone please correct me if any of
this is wrong!) there is no way to do this properly. There's some stuff about
it on the wiki isn't there? Think I remember seeing something about using LVM
mirrors to do it best.

Basically, you have to stop the server, backup (split a disk mirror 
would be the
quickest no doubt - but I rsync the store to another local disk), restart.

Once you've split your mirror (or done your local rsync in my case) 
then backup
offsite, etc. from that.

This is what I'm doing but it's not ideal. Would love to hear if there's a
better way. I can only get away with it due to the small number of 
users at the
mo, but as things grow will defo have to re-think this.

I'm hoping that this murder thing will come to the rescue and allow a backup
over slow/flakey connection without interrupting the master server. Is that
possible? Going to be the case in the future?



Quoting Markus Heller <markus at>:

> Dear list,
> I would like to ask once again as I have not received a positive answer yet.
> Does the cyrus imap server meanwhile offer the feature of a seemless /
> checkpointed backup that does not require to stop the service?
> Thanks in advance,
> Markus
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