Case-Insensitive Filesystem and Shared Mailboxes

Josh Whitver whitverj at
Tue Jun 21 17:21:57 EDT 2005

Hello again,

We're running cyrus on a Tiger Server (aka Mac OS X Server 10.4) box, and HFS+
is case-insensitive.  We're using shared mailboxes, and in our testing, we're
running into troubles when users address mail to a shared mailbox without
paying attention to case.

For example, we've got a shared mailbox named "News".  If a user sends mail to
"bb+News@<domain>" all is well. Initially, if they sent it to
"bb+news@<domain>" it would create a new mailbox named "news" and send it
there.  Then we put "lmtp_downcase_rcpt: yes" in our imapd.conf.

Now, mail sent to "bb+news@<domain>" gets delivered to the correct mailbox
(somehow), but "news" still gets created.  And since HFS+ is case-insensitive,
the two mailboxes share files, and deleting "news" also deletes the files for
"News" (which is bad), but not the mailbox (which is good, but tough to fix
since the aforementioned files are gone).

How can we fix this?  I want users to be able to address mail without paying
attention to case and without generating new mailboxes out of thin air.  For
readability's sake, I'd like to keep my capitalization (it just looks more
professional), if possible.
Josh Whitver
whitverj at / josh at
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