Cyradm - dm command

Thor Vik thorvik at
Thu Jun 23 08:38:03 EDT 2005

Isn't there anyone who has done this mistake...

setaclmailbox filexxx  cyrus d does not work.

dm gives a permission denied response. 

Nor can I delete the folder with an rm command in the shell, the client
(outlook) still lists the folder.


Thor Vik

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During test of cyradm I accedently created a mailbox without the user.
prefix which caused an email box to be created under root. In this case
under /var/spool/cyrus/mail/l. I have tried to delete it as admin with the
proper sam and then give proper rights but cyradm wont delete it. I get
premision denied. 

Does anyone knows the trick?


Thor Vik

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