Patrick Radtke phr2101 at
Mon Jun 27 16:45:53 EDT 2005

> So what does /var/lib/imap/db directory actually hold? This is the  
> only thing I am not clear on right now.

Files like __db.001 that in the folder are the bdb shared memory cache.
The log.00000001 type files are transaction logs for bdb.
If there is a problem with the bdb databases, you can sometimes fix  
the problem from the transaction log (this is what ctl_cyrusdb doees)

These are used by ctl_cyrusdb to recover (usually done when cyrus  
starts up) the bdb databases.

If you are backing up your bdb files with bd_dump then you don't need  
to worry about these files.

on a side note you can run
db_stat -m -h /var/lib/imap/db
to get information on your bdb cache performance.

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