saslauthd failures during xfer command

Patrick Radtke phr2101 at
Tue Jun 28 16:17:10 EDT 2005

I'm trying to transfer a user between two machines in a murder using  
the xfer command.

Using cyradm
  xfer user.testuser hostname 1
xfermailbox: The remote Server(s) denied the operation

Looking through the log files, it appears that the user gets  
partially transferred and then saslauthd on the mudermaster starts  
returning 'Password verification failed'.

Running saslauthd in debug mode gives
saslauthd[30903] :do_auth         : auth failure: [user=backend]  
[service=mupdate] [realm=] [mech=kerberos5] [reason=saslauthd  
internal error]

The log file on the host the user is moving to shows
  un 28 15:45:19 bratwurst imap[3465]: authentication to remote  
mupdate server failed:  "undefined error!"
Jun 28 15:45:19 bratwurst imap[3465]: can not connect to mupdate  
server for reservation on 'user.testuser.bxscience'

We have saslauthd using keberos5. We have an MIT KDC.
I didn't see anything useful in the KDC logs

We are using the cyrus SASL (versions 2.1.19) rpm that comes with REHL4.

During the transfer there are lots and lots of authentications  
occurring on the murder master for the 'backend' user.

Anyone know where my problem is, or why it is happening?
Is it saslauthd choking or my KDC rejecting the password?


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