Robin Rainton robin at
Thu Jun 30 03:07:39 EDT 2005

Hang on though... don't you also have to stop sendmail, or cyrus-master 
to avoid
mail delivery? That's what I do while backing up.

Quoting Matt Goebel <mgoebel at>:

> I backup Cyrus with the following method:
> 1. Stop MySQL (used for login/alias etc)
> 2. Create a filesystem snapshot of the volume mail is stored on in LVM2 3.
> Restart MySQL (down for all of 5 seconds)
> 4. Backup /var/spool/imap/* /var/lib/imap/* (and a few other things) from
> the snapshot.
> 5. Release the snapshot.
> That way I have a consistent state and the DB files are all in sync.  If I
> need to do a full restore I just put the files back.  In the case I needed
> to restore one email I put that back and do a reconstruct on the mail
> folder.  Works pretty well.  /var/lib/imap isn't very big so it's not a
> big deal to just back it all up.  That way you've got sieve filters, seen
> state, etc... in one place.

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