Shared Folders Question

Matt Schwartz mschwartz at
Wed Jun 29 18:55:06 EDT 2005

How do I set up shared folders on my cyrus imap server?  I have created 
a mailbox called shared.announcements and any attempt to send an email 
to shared.announcements fails.  I have tried sending an email to 
shared+announcements and they both bounce saying that the mailbox does 
not exist.  Here is the error below:

shared+announcements at 
<mailto:shared+announcements at>>: data format error. Command 
    shared+announcements: Mailbox does not exist

Yet I have created a mailbox in cyradm called shared.announcements with 
an acl allowing everyone to post.  I have gone through the archives of 
the info-cyrus list and could not find a clear answer to this.  Any help 
would be appreciated.

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