64bit capability bug

Alex Deiter tiamat at komi.mts.ru
Sat Jan 1 09:04:42 EST 2005

info-cyrus -- Amos Gouaux wrote:
>> Cyrus-IMAP 2.1.x and 2.2.x (up to 2.2.3) work fine on sparc64. After 
>> 2.2.4 (on 2.2.10) i got error:
>> Dec 27 21:23:19 satira nntp[24755]: DBERROR db4: PANIC: fatal region 
>> error detected; run recovery
> So do you compile Berkeley DB for 64-bit? Haven't tried it yet myself.

Yes of course. I use FreeBSD on all sparc64 servers (FreeBSD/sparc64 
runs only 64bit binaries).

> At some point will need to do 64-bit though because getting some large 
> quota needs for some shared folders.


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