Installing cyrus-imapd-2.2.9 on MacOS X 10.3 (Panther)

Chuck McDaniels Jr chuck at
Sun Jan 2 01:19:33 EST 2005

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to install cyrus-imapd-2.2.9 on my Apple G4
running OS X 10.3.7 (please note that this is not
MacOS X Server, which I know has an IMAP server
built-in).  I want to set this up on a G4 that I don't
want to install OS X Server on.

I've installed the prerequisite applications (Fink,
libsasl, Berkeley DB, as well as gcc & Gnu Make).  All
went swimmingly, but I am bumping up against the
following in trying to ./configure for imapd.  I get
the following error, immediately after typing

checking build system type... configure: error: cannot
guess build type; you must specify one

I tried entering:
./configure --build=macosx
./configure --build=darwin

But, neither got me past that point.

>From perusing the innards of the configure script, it
seems that the only builds are linux, solaris, and
AIX.  I'm hoping that I'm not the first to try and
build this package for straight MacOS X!

To that end, here's my question!  Has anyone
successfully built cyrus-imapd for MacOS X 10.3
(Panther)?  What magic did you have to do to get past
the configure?  Is there another version I should be

Thanks for any help.  I'll be happy to summarize to
the list with any words of wisdom that get me through

Chuck McDaniels
Humble MacOS X Tamer (sometimes)


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