Problem using reconstruct

John Wade jwade at
Tue Jan 4 12:20:57 EST 2005

Not sure if both servers have the same cyrus version, but we have seen issues
where reconstruct did not deal properly with the old format of the cyrus files
in the mailboxes when we ran it after converting from 2.0.16 to 2.2.3.     ( I
know others have hit this as well.)   I have not researched the code, but I
would guess that the code that updates the cyrus files to the new format is not
included in reconstruct.    The first time you access the mailboxes the cyrus
files get upgraded and then you can run reconstruct safely.  (This sounds like
the behavior you are experiencing.)  If you are not changing versions, I have
no idea.

Hope this helps,
John Wade

Nicola Ranaldo wrote:

> I'm trasferring mailbox files from one server to another.
> When all is done if i do a reconstruct i lose UIDVALIDITY...
> If i login in the server user mailbox and *after* i reconstruct UIDVALIDITY
> is keeped.
> This is a not good behaviour for me, in case i would give e reconstruct -p
> from backup.
> Can you help me?
>     Nicola Ranaldo
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