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Ken Murchison ken at
Fri Jan 7 14:43:07 EST 2005

Kevin Maguire wrote:

> Hi
> I have copied a folder full of messages from a UW-IMAP server to a
> Cyrus IMAP server.  If I use search from my client (Thunderbird on
> Linux), I get different results for the same search against the folder
> on the 2 servers.  I show the log of both sessiosn, (I checked by
> telnet <bla> 143 to verify it wasn't a client issue)
> What I am misunderstanding about the IMAP protocol here, or the Cyrus
> implementation, if anything?  RFC 2060 + 3501 say:
> 6.4.4.  SEARCH Command
>       In all search keys that use strings, a message matches the key if
>       the string is a substring of the field.  The matching is case-
>       insensitive.
> Note that my search string was "oneforall" and, as I see it, should
> only match one message (#215, returned by both servers).  However the
> closely related string "one for all" appears in the other messages
> returned from cyrus-imap but not from uw-imap.  Is it helpfully doing
> a "fuzzy" search for me?  Is it allowed to do that without me asking?

The Cyrus SEARCH engine ignores whitespace as part of its charset 
translation (it is my understanding that whitespace has no meaning in 
some/all of the far east languages) and therefore will give you some 
false positives.

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