Sieve Script errors - permission denied writing to sub folders

Paolo Negri p_negri at
Tue Jan 11 02:52:43 EST 2005

Cyrus imap delivery is abstracted from unix user, you can have imap 
users who doesn't exist in unix passwd or equivalent cause cyrus support 
a great variety of auth backends.

While is always user cyrus that, under O.S. aspects runs imapd and sieve 
processes, in its internal cyrus respect the imap permissions and looks 
at IMAP permissions. Sieve scripts of a specific user (i.e.) mark, are 
executed as IMAP user mark, than they respect permissions for this user.

Analyzing my installation of cyrus i see that default permission of 
user's mailbox are "lrswipcda" (equivalent of all permissions), these 
perms are automatically extended on each subfolder of mailbox, so any 
script working within the user's imap space works correctly by default.



Mark Clarke wrote:
> Hi Rob,
> Adding the p permission to the mailbox sorted out the problem. I must
> admit it seems strange as it is cyrus user that is running at the time
> i.e. sieve, and it could post to the user.mark folder but not any
> subfolders. Even though they had the same permissions. I dont quite
> understand how adding the p permission to the subfoldes for user mark
> sorted this out but it did.
>  Quess I still need to learn a lot
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