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Claus Westerkamp claus.westerkamp at
Fri Jan 14 10:53:42 EST 2005

hello community,

I am trying to move from one server to another. everything went fone 
besides migrationg cyrus-imapd.

the problem is at the login to the imap-server with permanently fails 
with the message "cyrus/imapd[6821]: Bad IPLOCALPORT value" and
cyrus/master[21694]: process 6821 exited, signaled to death  by 11
cyrus/master[21694]: service imap pid 6821 in BUSY state: t erminated 

what could it be?
old-server cyrus-imapd 2.0.12

Cyrus IMAP4 v2.1.17-IPv6-Debian-2.1.17-0woody.1.1
Package: libsasl2

authentication works against LDAP. any service succeeds besides cyrus;(

any help will be appreciated

thanks in advance


Claus Westerkamp

Systems Engineering

Raytion GmbH
Kaiser-Friedrich-Ring 74
40547 Duesseldorf

Fon +49. 211. 55 02 66. 0
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