Help Please ! /No mailbox)

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Sat Jan 15 11:02:42 EST 2005

> hello simon
> i talked too with Alexander about this problem...
> i have SASLAuth started and it works fine with shadow (SMPT Auth) so auth
> normaly dont must be a problem
> no i have set the user to cyrus and set a passwd with passwd from shell.
> i have 2 main problems
> do you have any ideas how i can fix the maildrop error or the other error?
> normaly i would for test cm user.richard then seer if it woprks but i cant
> login as admin ..
> config of my imapd.coinf and cyrus.conf is in the last mail on list
> if the autpcreate patch was not successfull he would say in error log he
> doesnt know the creatonpost options i think....
> thx bye richard
> a.) the maildropp error

I think you need to set this in imapd.conf:
autocreatequota: -1
createonpost: yes

>>Jan 14 20:34:12 mail pop3[25044]: Unable to locate maildrop for richard:
>>Mailbox does not exist
>>Jan 14 20:34:12 mail master[24993]: process 25044 exited, statu
> b.) when i try to authenticaed over cyradm with --user cyrus --authz cyrus
>>Jan 14 22:31:31 mail imap[28460]: badlogin: mail [] plaintext
>> root
>>SASL(-13): authentication failure: checkpass failed

Did you try like this:
cyradm --user cyrus --auth login localhost


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