Has Berkeley DB bitten us at last?

Sebastian Hagedorn Hagedorn at uni-koeln.de
Wed Jan 19 04:17:33 EST 2005


--On 18. Januar 2005 17:12:39 Uhr -0200 Andreas Hasenack 
<andreas at conectiva.com.br> wrote:

>> For some reason the file /var/lib/imap/db/log.0000001081 belonged to
>> root!  I am pretty sure that nobody changed the ownership manually. Is
>> this a
> Seems someone ran recover (either db_recover or cyrus' recover utility)
> as root.

hmm, I'm not so sure. For one I am usually the only one who does anything 
on that machine, although I can't entirely rule out the possibility of 
somebody else's interference. More importantly, however, I myself issued 
the db_recover command *as root* in order to fix things. I'm not sure if 
that was ill-advised; I suppose it may be better to do that as cyrus. 
Anyway, this did *not* cause any files to have their ownership changed.

--On 19. Januar 2005 7:24:53 Uhr +0100 Simon Matter 
<simon.matter at ch.sauter-bc.com> wrote:

> I don't think Sebastian is in his early days with cyrus so I'm really
> interested what has happened. Since they are running cyrus clustered, I
> could imagine something has happened during a failover to another node.

I've been thinking about that possibility myself, but the last failover 
occurred more than two days before things got wonky. I just verified in our 
backup system that the file didn't even exist at 2 a.m. yesterday. So I 
guess it was *created* with the wrong ownership!? Since none of the 
processes involved run as root, this would have to be a bug in the OS, 

Has anybody else seen this specific problem before?

> One reason why I'm so interested is because I'd love to get rid of BDB, or
> at least have an rpm build which is per default BDB free.

Well, so far we've been happy with BDB. Unless there is some concrete 
evidence that it was involved, I guess we'll stick with it. Any backend 
would be in trouble if its files stopped being writeable ...

Cheers, Sebastian
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