Send (bcc) mail from Postfix to public folder

Denny Schierz cuall at
Wed Jan 19 05:33:59 EST 2005


i have some public folder for a bcc_copy of mails:


recipient_delimiter = +
sender_bcc_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/sender_bcc_maps
recipient_bcc_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/recipient_bcc_maps


@foo      public+lieferanten+foo+empfangent at

recipient_bcc_maps:      public+kunden+hello at

but, if i send a mail, the bcc fails with:

public+kunden+hello+gesendet: Mailbox does not exist

so, what is the problem?


public.Kunden (\HasChildren)
public.Kunden/FOO (\HasChildren)
public.Kunden/FOO/Empfangen (\HasNoChildren)
public.Kunden/FOO/Gesendet (\HasNoChildren)
public.Lieferanten (\HasChildren)
public.Lieferanten/HELLO (\HasChildren)
public.Lieferanten/HELLO/Empfangen (\HasNoChildren)
public.Lieferanten/HELLO/Gesendet (\HasNoChildren)

cu denny

Denny Schierz <cuall at>
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