Apple not playing nicely with Cyrus on large mailboxes

Michael Sims michaels at
Thu Jan 20 10:13:32 EST 2005

Gregory Harris wrote:
> Hi.  Last Sunday I migrated all of my users mailboxes from a
> traditional BSD unix mail setup to Cyrus-IMAP.  The majority of my
> users use the Apple client.  I am having problems with a
> couple of them (one in particular that has a huge INBOX, some with
> attachments).  When she opens her e-mail, the client fails to
> retreive her mail, and drops the connection.

Just did you actually migrate the messages?  Did you do it through
IMAP, or did you use some migration tool that manipulates the files directly?  The
reason I ask is I'm wondering if the people that are having this problem have a
message or messages in their box that Cyrus doesn't like for some reason which
causes it to crash.  I would think that if you migrated through IMAP this wouldn't
happen but if you used a tool that manipulates files directly then it might.  Of
course I'm just guessing.

One thing to try:  Create a subdirectory under /var/imap/log with the same name as
the user having the problem.  Cyrus will create a telemetry log for that user which
will tell you exactly what is taking place in the IMAP conversation.  If it is a
particular message that Cyrus is always dying on this should be able to tell you
which one it is (maybe?).

Just a thought...

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