Apple not playing nicely with Cyrus on large mailboxes

Dan Perez perezda_bulk at
Thu Jan 20 12:52:54 EST 2005

I'm not sure if this is a Mac problem (probably) or a Cyrus problem...

but I'm running into exactly the same thing.  We just moved to Macs a little 
while ago, and some of our users have horrible response with the Mail 
client.  I just built a new mail server (Cyrus 2.2.10-8 & Sendmail running 
on red hat enterprise linux 3.0) and I'm doing some stress testing.

At first I sent a 1000's of messages to my mailbox and things seemed to work 
fine with  (100's of megs worth of data)  Well... worked fine 
after the initial hour or 2 of caching the headers, downloading the 
messages, and indexing the local cache.

Next I migrated one user's INBOX folder (170 megs in 3000+ messages) from 
exchange to the Cyrus server.  The user's mailbox has 500+ megs of mail but 
I wanted to start small.  Although my mailbox had more messages, and was 
larger, the client works a lot better with my mailbox than it does 
with the first user I tried to test with.

I copied the mail over using Outlook.  It seemed like the easiest way (right 
click copy paste) even though it took > 1hr to copy the 170 megs.

I just read this thread so now I plan on trying to add a telemetry log for 
that user and do some more testing.  I'll follow up if I learn anything 


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