cyrus imapd 2.2.10 "disappears" on Solaris 8 host

Ian Delahorne ian at
Fri Jan 21 23:03:37 EST 2005

On Fri, 2005-01-21 at 13:57 -0500, Kirsch, Mathew (Matt) wrote:
> I have a little bit more information.
> It seems now that the master process "disappears" when I hit CTRL-C at the
> command prompt?!!? For example, if I'm watching the process with Solaris's
> truss command, and I hit CTRL-C to get out of the truss session, the master
> process goes with it.
> Since last night, I haven't hit CTRL-C in the console and the process has
> been munching merrily along.

Ah. Then it wasn't the same problem (my master was already daemonized
when it bombed).
Ian Delahorne <ian at>
Stacken ACC

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