POP3d not usable - how to debug?

Michael Loftis mloftis at wgops.com
Mon Jan 24 09:15:09 EST 2005

--On Monday, January 24, 2005 14:53 +0100 Marcel Karras <toka at freebits.de> 

> Hello,
> I've got some problems with pop3d. My IMAP configurations works well and
> is still in productive use but my POP3/POP3s services aren't working.
> Whenever I connect to either port the pop3d child process will be
> created and seems to stay alive to infinity. The client itself won't get
> any response. Neither a server identification message will be shown
> nor will there be any chance to get out of the loop. The client process
> stays connected (on TCP/IP stack) but doesn't transmit any data to the
> client - there will be nothing and the client waits till timeout.
> Could someone help me solving the problem. I just tried to configure
> debug_command to "/usr/bin/strace -o /var/log/pop3d.log", but
> /var/log/error tells me that strace exited with code 256. The other log
> files aren't helpful.

Just for kicks, try rebooting.  I'm running a large site and have been 
chasing a very intermittent pop3d gremlin that causes pop3d to hardlock 
while all other services are fine.  only thing that clears it is a complete 
reboot.  we can go for months without a single one, then have three in a 

i can't find a single bit of reason or logic for it.  i'm hoping one of 
these times i'll catch it with some time to look at it in gdb.  but last 
time i tried it under gdb it worked fine -- but only the process under gdb 
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