Once again: action hooks

Denis Jedig lists at syneticon.de
Tue Jan 25 06:19:27 EST 2005

Greetings, list.

I already crawled the web, checked the docs and posted to the local 
newsgroups, but I am still lacking a solution for my problem:

I want to train bayesian filters via putting messages into and removing 
them out of IMAP mailboxes [*]
I considered several ways to achieve this:
a) start the learning process for everything in an IMAP mailbox 
periodically (cron)
b) use notifications for starting the learning process

However, the problem for both approaches is:
there is no clean way to "unlearn" a message if it is moved out (not 
deleted) of a mailbox.

So I would like to know, if there is some way to implement notifications 
on message move actions.

Thank you in advance.

[1] this seems the most convinient way to do so for the users. 
Forwarding messages to a specific e-mail address does not work really 
well - we would need two e-mail addresses per user, per bayes bucket, 
one for "learn", one for "unlearn" and the users do not understand this 

Denis Jedig
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