duplicate delivery suppression is unreliable

Kyle Silfer kyle.silfer at alibi.com
Wed Jan 26 20:03:19 EST 2005

Kyle Silfer <kyle.silfer at alibi.com> said:

> Andreas Hasenack <andreas at conectiva.com.br> said:
> > Exactly what DB4 version? I'm using 4.2.52 + two patches and never had this
> issue.
> This is 4.1.25 from the SuSE 9.0 install CDs.
> Are you saying this version may be buggy and I should have the latest?

Since no one has responded, let me expand my query:

Are there any issues just compiling and installing the latest Berkeley DB
sources to match the SuSE RPM file layout? Will my existing Cyrus 4.1.25
databases work with the 4.3.x Berkeley DB?


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