duplicate delivery suppression is unreliable

Michael Sims michaels at crye-leike.com
Wed Jan 26 21:29:00 EST 2005

Kyle Silfer wrote:
>> Are you saying this version may be buggy and I should have the
>> latest?
> Since no one has responded, let me expand my query:
> Are there any issues just compiling and installing the latest
> Berkeley DB sources to match the SuSE RPM file layout? Will my
> existing Cyrus 4.1.25 databases work with the 4.3.x Berkeley DB?

I can't answer this question (sorry) but I do have an alternative
suggestion.  If you're not afraid of compiling Cyrus yourself (as opposed to
using SuSE RPM's, which I'm assuming you currently are), then you may want
to consider using skiplist as your database backend for the duplicate
database (and possibly mailboxes.db as well).  It's possible that this will
slow down the overall mail delivery performance...but this has not been a
problem in my experience and I'm so happy not to have to deal with BDB
locking issues.  YMMV especially if yours is a busy site with a high volume
of incoming mail and/or concurrent users...

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