Cyrus update - folder issues

Craig White craigwhite at
Sun Dec 18 15:35:41 EST 2005

On Sun, 2005-12-18 at 20:42 +0100, Daniel Bramkamp wrote:
> Hi list,
> I am experiencing some issues with IMAP folders at a customer site. 
> They used to run Cyrus IMAP 2.0.x a while back which got updated to 
> 2.1.12 or 2.1.13 at some point. The following was added to the 
> imapd.conf file when the update took place :
> seenstate_db: flat
> mboxlist_db: berkeley
> duplicate_db: berkeley-nosync
> With those settings the system worked fine for quite a while. Last week 
> the installation was moved to a new server which now has Cyrus IMAP 
> 2.2.12 installed. I copied the spool and database directory of the old 
> installation to the appropriate locations. After reading the upgrade 
> information on the website I tried to update the mailboxes.db to the 
> skiplist format which did not work for some reason. Either it did 
> complain about not being able to find the database or it converted it 
> (after starting and stopping Cyrus once) and I got a lot of DB errors 
> after starting up Cyrus with the new DB. I put the above directives 
> back into the config file, copied the imap database directory again and 
> restarted Cyrus. At that point I could access the IMAP server via IMP 
> (a webmail client)
> but some folders were empty. After running reconstruct everything 
> seemed fine at first. However, the IMAP folders are not displayed 
> correctly from time to time, they just vanish from the list of folders. 
> Also IMP complains about not being able to create folders for sent-mail 
> and trash. I tried to delete mailboxes, recreate them, copy the spool 
> directory back in and use reconstruct -f but that did not help either. 
> I could not find anything weird in the logfiles either.
> Can anyone help me out on this please ?
1 - in IMP, you might want to go to 'Folders' refresh the list of

2 - you should check out IMAP with another mail client application
(thunderbird/evolution/etc.) to see what it sees for folders.


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