Log-File : format/how to view it?

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Sebastian Hagedorn schrieb:

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>> I had a problem on my server which I want to analyse. (I lost 20 folders
>> in a user´s mailbox)
>> I found a detailed log file  config-dir/db/00000001.log (3,6 MB)
>> This file seems to be partially binary. Is there a tool for viewing it or
>> a format description? It ist worthless for me in this state.
> Well, it won't do you much good anyway. It's the transaction log for the Berkeley DBs, not an application log. You use it with db_printlog, but as I said, it won't do you much good.
> <http://pybsddb.sourceforge.net/utility/db_printlog.html>
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Thank, good hints!

I am looking for a situation where about 20 Mailboxes (sun mailboxes) where completely deleted. There should be corresponding action on the mailboxes.db. It is a very small server and mailboxes are deleted never. I have a small window in time when it happened, so it may be possible that I see a pattern which gives me idea what has happened.

Unfortunatley I have wrong DB-versions on my laptop - so I will do the analysis on the server directly.

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