cyradm on Solaris 9 revisited unknown host -- Solution

Michael O'Rourke orourke.michael at
Fri Dec 16 13:48:29 EST 2005

Hi all,

Sorry for starting a new thread with this, but I did not receive my
own post from the list, so I can't respond to it.

Solaris 9, Cyrus-IMAPd 2.2.12, gcc 3.4.2, perl 5.8.5

The problem was with cyradm: "cyradm --user cyrus --auth plain
localhost" would return with "imclient_connect: unknown host
"localhost" at  ..."

The problem ended up being a badly compiled perl which had a global
symbol for "getaddrinfo" in I re-compiled perl with
"-lsocket -lnsl" added to the LDFLAGS variable and removed "-lbind"
from perl's suggested libraries. Perl passed its "make test" and
cyradm works like a champ.


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