What is the dream book about Cyrus

Simon Matter simon.matter at ch.sauter-bc.com
Fri Dec 16 08:48:49 EST 2005

> also meanwhile,
> (I'm on RedHat ES 4, postfix+imap up to date)
> i'm getting an error while trying to get mail from a new account :
> 'Mailbox does not exists'.
> So i've made some googling and  found that cyrus doesn't create
> mailbox by default(soooo strange) and you need a patch...
> So i've tried
> cyradm -u cyrus localhost
> it ask a password i don't have. (it's obviously not the root password)
> So... Should I set a password for the cyrus user? I don't try because
> the server is running and I don't want to break it.

This all depends on your configuration. The default on RHEL4 is to use
system accounts for auth, which means you have to set a password for unix
user cyrus. Then try

cyradm --user cyrus --auth login localhost

> is this the correct way to do :
> cyradm -u cyrus localhost
> cm user.MYUSERNAME

This is correct. However, please note that usernames are case sensitive,
so maybe you want:

cm user.myusername

One more note:
The package shipped with RHEL4 contains the autocreate patches, so you can
set this in imapd.conf to let it create mailboxes for authenticated users
on the fly:

autocreatequota: -1
createonpost: yes


> ?
> I've some perl script to generate my mail users, does any body have a
> perl example that will do the same?
> Thanks for Help,
> Manson Thomas.
> On 12/16/05, Thomas Manson <dev.mansonthomas at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> i'm looking for a marvellous book about cyrus administration that
>> would be up to date, understandable and that make you have sweet
>> dreams about Cyrus :o)
>> Also, if I could buy it on amazon.fr, that would be nice :o)
>> Thanks,
>> Manson Thomas.
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