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> Hi, my name is John, and I'm a former unix sys admin but I gave it up  to
> be a programmer (yay python!). Now I'm back in the sys admin game  for a
> small family business that needs to scale its order management  system
> better and I think cyrus and IMAP is just the thing, but I  just wanted
> to get a little feedback.
> All orders a now tracked in an Apple Mail.app POP account so there's
> thousands of locally stored folders containing mail messages on one
> machine (backed up nightly of course).
> I need to share that among several machines now so many people can
> process the inbox and arrange the folders as needed. That's basically
> IMAP, right?


> Beyond that, my concerns are performance and backups. Since the IMAP
> server will be out on the net, I assume Mail.app's local caching will
> make searching the mail as fast as it is now. Any clue?

If you use Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4) it works very well due to Spotlight, 
although it's not really the way IMAP is "meant to be". The IMAP way would 
be to do the searches server-side. Mail.app is not very good at that. But 
that doesn't have to concern you.

> But what about backups? Supposing I lost the server and it's mail.  Would
> I be able to reconstruct it from the locally cached copy in  Mail.app?

I don't know.

Cheers, Sebastian
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