replication : Authentication failed. no mechanism available

Patrice gopat at
Wed Dec 14 09:52:26 EST 2005


I try to install the the new version of cyrus-imap to use the replication.

but I can't authenticate on my replica server:

here is the error in the log:

sync_client[26757]: couldn't authenticate to backend server: no 
mechanism available

here is the result of the synctest:

S: * OK mailsrv Cyrus sync server v2.3.0
Authentication failed. no mechanism available
Security strength factor: 0

it seems the auth mechs are not advertised

I use saslauthd for my imap+pop auth and it works fine.

there should be a special option for the advertising of mechs but I 
haven't found the option

Help would be appreciated

thanks in advance


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