problem with pop3d, messages can be downloaded multiple times

Joseph Brennan brennan at
Tue Dec 6 15:34:49 EST 2005

Timo Veith <tv at> wrote:

> some of our users have the problem that their messages are beeing
> downloaded via pop multiple times. Some users even complain that they
> aren't able to delete the doubles as fast as they get the same ones as
> new ones again.
> They are using Outlook or Pegasus Mail. Maybe others are having the
> problem too but I only heard of those. I know of two users, who use the
> so called "leave messages on server" feature and I think it only happens
> if the client is set up that way.

Good!  I didn't have a chance to ask about this yet.

We're seeing this too, as we begin to put pop users on our new Cyrus
system.  Of course it only *can* happen when they leave on server.

> Could this be a database issue, where cyrus cannot recognize that the
> client already downloaded the messages?

The client keeps track of what it has downloaded, so it's more like
the other way around.

As far as I know the only way to do this is that the client asks the
server for all the uids of all the messages, and compares them to the
client's own list of what's been downloaded.  If there's anything new
to the client, it downloads those.

I would guess one of Cyrus or Outlook is doing something not quite
standards-compliant with uids.  But can the other one work around it?

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