cyrus & postfix, message being corrupted when viewed by the client

Bill Kearney wkearney99 at
Sun Dec 4 22:15:53 EST 2005

> I have not yet used another client , because logically, if it works
> on 1 server with the same patch levels, then it should work on the
> other server.

Not if the client is defective or is unable to handle connecting to the
server properly.

> K , just tested
> outlook express windows se(both servers ok)
> thunderbird osx(both servers ok)
> mail osx v205 (one server messed up, one server ok)

Thought that would happen.  <grin>

  It's very rare for an e-mail server to function normally but deliver
corrupted messages.  Since cyrus wasn't complaining in it's logs I figured
it had to be something client-side.

> in the meantime i will get onto apple about a possible bug

Sounds like that's the right place to start.

You could go a step further and run 'ethereal' to trap the network packets.
See if the data being sent to the clients is correct or not.  If the packets
on the wire are corrupted then there's some sort of handshaking nonsense
going wrong.  Since you've got some clients that can get GOOD content then
unless the apple has a bug I'd start wondering about some sort of
language/encoding problems.  I'm betting the packets are good and the is getting seriously confused about the MIME structure.

> thanks bill.

You're most welcome.  Always try different clients before going to the
extremes of changing the servers.

-Bill Kearney

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