cyrus & postfix, message being corrupted when viewed by the client

cyrus cyrus at
Sun Dec 4 21:10:17 EST 2005

On Dec 5, 2005, at 7:52 AM, Bill Kearney wrote:

> You've tried two different computers?  Running different mail client
> software?
> Does the exact same 'bad content' get delivered to an entirely  
> different
> mail client program?  Scare up a copy of pine, outlook express,  
> thunderbird
> or mozilla suite and see if they all get the same corrupted content.
> When you speak of MIME sections all sorts of nonsense can develop.   
> Let's be
> sure that all clients are getting exactly the same bad content before
> blaming cyrus.
> Likewise, what language and encoding are these messages?  By  
> the .cn TLD one
> might gather it's chinese?  Encodings, charsets and languages are  
> mess if
> you don't have all the right settings done in the right order.   
> Make sure
> the underlying OS configuration for them is working properly.
> -Bill Kearney
I will walk this thru in stages , so if anyone thinks thte procedure  
is incorrect, then i can try the recommendations.

I send an email with 7  .Doc attachments to 2 systems.

the content is ENGLISH, but a mime of a file is a mime of a file.  
( however i will check the settings on the server)

then I use the SAME mac client software(mac mail) to get the mail  
boxes of both systems. ( on 3 different computers on 3 different  
networks, & the result is the same, that is  2 powerbooks & a dual  
processor g4), settings are the same.

  1 system the attachments come thru correct.
  1 system they are corrupted ( i can see the corruption, in the mime)

both systems have the email source correct on their hard disks on the  
server, which would indicate the send to Cyrus is good.

I then clone/ move the hard disk of the "defective" server  to my  
test network ( different hardware), and i get exactly the same  
results, using the same computer setup.

Therefore that should discount the server hardware ( obviously i have  
to change the network card settings).

I have recorded /saved the source from the following:
1. the raw source from the "good" server, as seen by the client
2. the raw source from the "bad" server ,, as seen by the client
3. the actual email content of /var/spool/imap/user/xxx
4. a complete trace of the ethernet traffice between the  "bad"  
server and the client.

not done
1. trace between the "good" server and the client
2. different email clients, ( but i believe from another user, that   
outlook express does not work on this email)(need to confirm)

I have not yet used another client , because logically, if it works  
on 1 server with the same patch levels, then it should work on the  
other server.

fine there may be some sort of client issue, but that should break   
both the systems , not just one, i also do not want to get side  
tracked at this stage.

K , just tested
outlook express windows se(both servers ok)
thunderbird osx(both servers ok)
mail osx v205 (one server messed up, one server ok)

so specifically why are 2 servers different for the mail client on  osx?
even if i send multiple emails 1 system works , the other does not   
( for the mac client).

I would like to fix it.
in the meantime i will get onto apple about a possible bug

thanks bill.


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