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On 2005-04-24 in <>, Forrest Aldrich wrote:
> Either way, it would be really nice to have this at some point - a
> mailing list would be a good ajunct.

Here's another vote for a Sieve user mailing list, preferably
linked to a Gmane newsgroup.

> Re: the examples on the cyrusoft page and about end-users being able to
> "figure it out".   I see your point, however I respectfully disagree.
> By and large there are far more examples and documentation of procmail
> out there than there are for Sieve.  Procmail exists in books, online
> manuals and texts, etc.   This is the point I was getting at (substance).

I also respectfully disagree. I've been using procmail for more
than 10 years and I've written extensively about it in my
Procmail Quick Start (see my sig below). I'm learning Sieve now
and having a hard time figuring out the details. I've got basic
SBE filters and greenlist filters, but I know they aren't as
efficient as they could be. It's really hard to track down
information about optimizing Sieve.

> There's a lot of promise with Sieve, but I wonder with the apparent lack
> of documentation, etc., if it will remain only utilized by those who are
> able to discern the code to get it working, etc.

The two things holding Sieve back are:

1] lack of providers who offer it
2] lack of documentation

I'm already working on #1 via my IMAP Service Providers page,
which seems to have some influence. I plan to work on #2 as soon
as I figure out Sieve myself.

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