IMAP auths even without valid mailboxes.

Ezsra McDonald ezsra_mcdonald at
Mon Apr 4 11:17:44 EDT 2005


I was just browsing my LDAP schema. Where should if find


On Mon, 2005-04-04 at 09:33, Scott Balmos wrote:
> Use pam_ldap in conjunction with the pam_check_service_attr option in=20
> its config file. Then add authorizedService attributes for every PAM=20
> service you want. Cyrus can get especially fine-grained, because it has=
> four separate PAM services (one each for POP3, IMAP, NNTP, and Sieve).=20
> See below for a section of my account LDIF. Note that SASL does not=20
> append "d" to its service entries, like you think it would. That screwe=
> me over the first time I tried to get this setup going.
> authorizedService: sshd
> authorizedService: ftpd
> authorizedService: imap
> authorizedService: pop
> authorizedService: nntp
> authorizedService: smtp
> authorizedService: sieve
> --Scott
> Ezsra McDonald wrote:
> >My current system is SuSe 8.1. This version of saslauthd was not
> >compiled with LDAP support. It currently hands off authentication to
> >pam_ldap. I have looked for the cyrus_sasl src RPM for the version I a=
> >running. I would rebuild it but apparently it is not available. It loo=
> >like I will have to hack a later RPM and see if I can get it to work o=
> >SuSe 8.1.
> >
> >Does anyone know how to give pam_ldap a filter to use? That would be m=
> >quickest fix. I will be investigating that now.
> >
> >--Ez
> >
> >On Sun, 2005-04-03 at 14:07, Ond=C3=85=E2=84=A2ej Sur=C3=83=C2=BD wrot=
> > =20
> >
> >>It's not task for IMAP server, but for SASL auth daemon.  You have to
> >>construct LDAP query in sasl so it allow only users which have mail t=
> >>login.  Either create some special flag in LDAP.
> >>
> >>F.E.: "ldap_filter: (&(uid=3D%u)(allowCyrusLogin=3Dtrue))" or somethi=
> >>similar.
> >>
> >>Ondrej
> >>
> >>On Fri, 2005-04-01 at 13:02 -0800, Ezsra McDonald wrote:
> >>
> >>   =20
> >>
> >>>Is there a setting to tell IMAP not to allow
> >>>authenticated users who don't have cyrus accounts?
> >>>     =20
> >>>
Ezsra McDonald


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