IMAP auths even without valid mailboxes.

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Mon Apr 4 11:02:41 EDT 2005

On Mon, 4 Apr 2005, Ezsra McDonald wrote:

> My current system is SuSe 8.1. This version of saslauthd was not
> compiled with LDAP support. It currently hands off authentication to
> pam_ldap. I have looked for the cyrus_sasl src RPM for the version I am
> running. I would rebuild it but apparently it is not available. It looks
> like I will have to hack a later RPM and see if I can get it to work on
> SuSe 8.1.
> Does anyone know how to give pam_ldap a filter to use? That would be my
> quickest fix. I will be investigating that now.

You can use the following option in the pam_ldap config file:

# Filter to AND with uid=%s
pam_filter (&objectclass=posixaccount)(mailuser=true)

Modify it for whatever attribute you want to trigger on, obviously.

If you use pam_ldap for other services on the same machine, you'll want to 
use a special, separate pam_ldap config file for imapd.  You can specify 
this in pam as follows:

auth required  config=/etc/ldap.imapd.conf

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