Backend-storage on NFS?

Sten Fredriksson stenfredriksson at
Mon Apr 4 03:04:57 EDT 2005


I know that this has been up before but after searching I found a fix
that maybe have changed
the thought on NFS as back end storage [1]

I would like to use Cyrus for our mail project (400k users) but the
requirements are that the
backend-servers being redundant (easy to do upgrades, fair-load
balance when adding another
back end etc..)

When reading the list-archives I found a mail from Aleksandar
Milivojevic saying that
he found a problem with corruption when file on NFS mounted partition
is mmaped on
Linux client [2]. He filled a bug in Red Hat Bugzilla [3] which now
seems to work.
Was this the only show stopper for not recommending to use NFS in the FAQ [1].

If NFS Is a big no no (as it's almost always are by default) how would
I build a back end that
is redundant/fail-over? 

(If you use NFS but don't want the world to know it's okay to reply private)

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