ctl_mboxlist -u doesnt work on master server

João Assad jfassad at parperfeito.com.br
Tue Apr 12 05:18:55 EDT 2005

On a cyrus mupdate master server, dump the mailbox list with 
ctl_mboxlist -d stop cyrus and delete mailboxes.db and db/* , start 
cyrus to create a new mailboxes.db
reimport all the data with ctl_mboxlist -u < dump.

all the data will be there, you can even dump it again and compare the 
dumps but when you try to login as any user and SELECT INBOX, cyrus will 
complain it cannot find the mailbox
partition. also  mbpath USER wont return anything.. no error , nada.

I've checked the dump format and its correct.


cyrus version is 2.2.12

also repeating the same process on one of the backends works perfectly. 
It seems to be master related only.


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