ctl_mboxlist -u doesnt work on master server

João Assad jfassad at parperfeito.com.br
Tue Apr 12 06:29:40 EDT 2005

João Assad wrote:

> also repeating the same process on one of the backends works 
> perfectly. It seems to be master related only.

do_undump in ctl_mboxlist.c have this:

mboxlist_makeentry(0, partition, acl);

making the mailboxes always type 0 , never type remote

there should be another option to ctl_mboxlist , say

       case 'M':
           am_master = 1;

and then in do_undump

if (am_master) {
  data = mboxlist_makeentry(mbtype | MBTYPE_REMOTE, host, acl);
} else {
   data = mboxlist_makeentry(0, partition, acl);

I would do it myself if I could.. just dont know how to.

Did I make any sense ?

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