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Edward Rudd eddie at
Wed Apr 13 19:50:31 EDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-04-13 at 17:25, Helmut Weigel wrote:


> And now i want to send one single email, maybe with a fully featured 150 
> Pages colored PDF Attachment, to them all.
> Can you see any chance, that this message is just stored once in the 
> mailstore and there are 50000 references /links to that email?

Yes, cyrus will post one message to the store and hard link the rest.

> What would the MTA have to tell cyrus to do that, if even possible?
the MTA would have to be configured to use LMTP to send the message and
send the multiple recipients in one submission to the LMTP socket.

> I think a way around this are public imap folders. But it would be great 
> if the first szenario would be possible.
Assuming the users are using IMAP and check other folders in their
account, this would be an alternative.  With pop3 this wouldn't work

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